BayPest Solutions services residential, commercial and industrial properties in the treatment and control of rats, mice and rodent related problems.

Here are some of the rodents we eliminate. 

Rats = the Norway Rat is also known as a house rat, brown rat, wharf rat, sewer rat, water rat, grey rat, city rat, etc. They are found around all areas of the structure including toilets. In captivity rats may live for 3 or more years. Roof rats are less common but difficult to control. They are also known as black rat, ship rat, bellied rat, alexandrine rat, and white bellied rat. There are 14,000 to 20,000 bites per year.

Rats carry parasites on their fur and often contaminate food from their urine. Rats will destroy structures and may cause health concerns.

Mice = can be identified from young rats by size of head and the hind feet. The size of mouse territory within a structure varies. Mice are omnivores that like to feed on various foods within structure. Mice are good climbers and breed all year long with 4 to 7 each litter at eight litters per year on average.

Mice will cause damage to all structures, and may cause health problems.

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